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Everything about the day was fantastic! Even though it was a very hot, humid summer day, the itenerary was created to spend as much time out of the sun and doing the activities we hoped to spend together. Both Kiwako and Hiroko were so nice and friendly, it was easy to have casual conversations with them. At the same time, they also gave the wife and I space as we walked around to take in the sights. Both guides were so helpful in answering questions and helping us with the communication barrier at the local stops. Overall, it was a fantastic time and one of the many wonderful experiences from Japan my wife and I will remember!

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This is so much better than being in a tour group! There were 6 of us (with 2 children and 2 seniors) and Koki and Makiko did an amazing job taking us around beautiful Kyoto. They were so accommodating. We had the freedom to do whatever we wanted without the worry of getting lost or being rushed. If you’re new to Japan, this is the way to go! It’s like having good friends to hangout with. Added bonus, Koki also acted as our personal photographer and took wonderful pictures of us with his nice camera throughout the day. I’m so glad I went with this company. Thank you for making my first day in Japan such a memorable one!

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We were introduced to our guides by another Huber Guide Hanako so we knew they came highly recommended. Ishin communicated with us right away via the app even though it was quite short notice! Our Support guide, Keitaro, and Ishin both arrived right on time to our Airbnb...bearing gifts! Paper fans and a cooling towel for our young son. These were perfect, thoughtful souvenirs that saved us from the hot Kyoto weather! Our guides were knowledgeable, flexible, and really felt like a part of our family by the end of our day. No problems communicating since they both speak English very well. Our son loves having them take us to all their favorite sights, stores, and restaurants. He even said “It was nice to have Big brothers in Japan!” We are so thankful for Huber and our new friends, Ishin and a Keitaro! Okini!

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I had a great day with Kai, Fumiaki and Rui. Especially since I was travelling with my mother, it was great that she felt comfortable with all the guides (she even considered them as her own children, she kept asking how they are today and so on, haha). The itinerary was a bit on a rush but Kai really did well as a main guide to manage everything *two thumbs up* - would recommend her as a tomodachi guide for sure! Thank you once again Kai, Fumi and Rui! Hope to see you guys again if I ever come to Japan in the future! :D

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I recommend all of you interested in visiting Kyoto to take into consideration Koki and Yoko as local guides. If you are seeking an authentic experience, engaging the locals and living the real thing you should definitely plan your trip with them. Koki and Yoko know their home country best, they told us everything about the culture and traditions in Japan and they were curious about our stories, as well. It was a cultural interchange and we felt like having fun together as friends. Interacting with Yoko and Koki and making them our international friends is one of my favorite things about traveling in Japan. I’m more than happy to say that I have got them as friends. Our day in Kyoto was better than expected. Was amazing. The weather was great, we were all in a good mood and we just wanted to have fun and a lot of pictures so we can transform them in unforgettable moments and memories. Koki and Yoko are very friendly, relaxed, easy going and their English is very good. They told us what kind of sweets are worth trying, what kind of food Japanese like to eat on daily basis and so on. Koki took great pictures of us and Yoko was very helpful with tips where to experience more the culture through shopping, parties, food. Funny moments: the boat experience, many many photoshootings Unforgettable moments: walking around Gion, moments during lunch at the river, moments during dinner at izakaya. All in all, great experience, and we enjoyed so much that we consider to have a second trip to Japan. We are very happy to use Huber because it was the best way to visit Japan.

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