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Where Ancient and Modern Cross Paths

Towering buildings are staple to Shibuya. To many, the city is the epicenter of Japan's pop culture. Unbeknwonst to most people, the city also hosts cultural sites, hidden beneath its concrete jungle.
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Get the Best view of Shibuya Crossing

Dubbed as the World's busiest intersection. Lucky for you, we locals know the perfect spot to enjoy this hypnotic view. Looking down from here, you can see as if the buildings are connected.


Onward! To the Land's Serene Temple

20 minutes from the neon-lit district of Shibuya, lies Japan's most renowned temple, Meiji-Jingu. Full of trees and bathed in tranquility, the temple is the perfect place to go off-grid for a while.


Enter the center of Japanese Pop-Culture

Back to the present and stroll trough the busy street of Takeshita, a mecca for anything pop-culture and a dense street where thousands of people from two directions nonchalantly dodge one another.


Traditions Beneath Vast Urban Jungle

10 minutes train ride from Shibuya lies one of the city's hidden gem. Populated by an array of traditional houses, one can imagine the ol' days when Shibuya wasn't a concrete jungle

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