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Meet Local Life in the City Center

Shibuya's is one of Japan's most crowded neighborhood. People of different culture and upbringings reside in this dense city. Join us to walk-off the beaten track and meet these diverse city-dwellers.
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Take a Peek at Where the Locals Live

To the world, Shibuya is simply a huge crossing surrounded by neons and concretes. To us locals, Shibuya is our home. Explore Naka-Meguro, a place where you can get a glimpse of our daily routines


A Temple Cherished by the Locals.

Setagaya Hachimagu shrine is one of the myriad shrines scattered throughout Shibuya. This shrine serves as a training dojo for Sumo wrestlers and amazing contrast between a pond and red torii gates.


A Piece of Kyoto in Tokyo

Right next to the Setagaya shrines lies a three-storey-pagodas (just like Kyoto). There, people from all ages could marvel at its beauty and if you're lucky, a dozen of cats will come and greet you.


Grab a Pint & Learn More About Locals

Get intimate with Tokyo by spending a night at the city's pub central. Crawl your way through the district of Sengenjaya. Hold your beer, connect with locals, and experience a great night out!

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