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Where the East and the West Converge

Parallel to the famous pedestrian scramble, Shibuya is a city where culture of different origin intersect with one another. Marvel as the city exhibits places where east and west fuse organically
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The Venetia of Japan

Too poor for Venetia? Well you're in luck! La Vita is a shopping mall that evokes Venetian aesthatic in its design and ambiance. If you squint hard enough, you may not be able to distinguish both.


Eat Your Favorite Anima...I Meant Donuts

Located near La Vita lies a doughnuts shop, famous for making this American classic in a shape of your favorite faunas. Alas, Japan…Even your donuts are too cute to eat


Hidden Valley in the City of Concrete

Who would've throught, that behind the neon-lit city façade of Shibuya, lies a valley bathed in nature and greeneries. Take a breather from the concrete jungle, go off-grid and visit a real jungle.


Sip a Tea Like How the Used To

Deep inside the valley lies a traditional tea house. A place where you can satisfy your thirst with some of their delicious tea. You may drink tea before, but you never drink it like this.

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