Just 90 Mins from Tokyo,
the City Living with Nature -Sendai-

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Sendai, the main city in the Tohoku region for just 90 mins from Tokyo, is called the “city of trees“. That's because Sendai is a rare city in Japan where the city and nature are spectacularly mixed. Despite being one of Japan's leading cities, Sendai is full of nature even in the city center. Also, once going outside Sendai, there is even more vast nature spreading there. The culture that loves nature and enjoys nature is still rooted in Sendai now such as having enjoyed skiing, taking a hot spring, eating local ingredients and local sake, visiting a hidden temple in the mountain...Moreover, a rental car can be the best way to explore Sendai. With a car, you can enjoy freely and safely driving around with local guides. (*Car Rental Fees are free for a validation test in Sendai.)
Why don't you jump into Sendai's life living with nature?

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