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Enjoy Archetypical Sendai in A Day

Sendai is full of nature as called “the city of trees.“ Temples near the city center blending with the nature, “Kokeshi“ doll, and great hot springs are what you will find there. Let's explore that.
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Splendid Coloring Beauty in Green

Let's visit Zuihoden where Masamune Date, a past lord of Sendai is buried. It is in a tranquil forest but near to the city center. You will find the beautifully colored building walking through it.


Go to “Akiu Hot Spring“ the deep Sendai

Just extend our journey to Akiu hot spring which is popular among the local. There is a foot bath in a park with beautiful landscapes. This is a great place to enjoy nature in all season.


Draw on A Local Folkcraft, Kokeshi

You may find this conventional folkcraft everywhere in Sendai. Then, don't you think you want to make one? You can make your own world one Kokeshi doll here!


Make A Toast at A Local Izakaya Tavern

Lastly, let's experience Robata, the habit born in Sendai. They have meals surrounding a hearth. Why don't you enjoy local cuisine and Sake at a popular Robata restaurant?

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