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Experience Local Life Like A Local

Sendai is one of the biggest city in Japan and so populated. If you are curious about their lifestyle in Sendai, then let's experience it as it is! You will be a real local.
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Sendai Mediatheque, The Relaxation Place

This was built by a world famous architect. The local gather at its library and exhibition. It is a must-see for people who like architecture. Let's visit here!


Take A Brake at A Popular Local Cafe

There are many cafes in Sendai. How about having a breather at one of the popular cafe the local recommend. Let's enjoy some delicious drink and sweets in a tranquil atomosphere.


Walk in The Best University in Tohoku

One of the five best Japanese univ is in the core of Sendai. Everyone can enter its campus. Its great for taking a walk inside as it has surrounded by green. Why don't you feel refreshed here?


Photoshoot at The Symbol of Sendai

You can look down whole Sendai city from Aoba castle where a statue of Masamune Date is located. Nightscape is beautiful as well. With the splendid scenary, how about taking a memorial photo?

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