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Enjoy Sendai's Nature in Full

Let's go out of central Sendai to see the beautiful nature. Not only water falls or hot springs, but there are authentic temples and local meals that add a bit of spice to Sendai's beautiful nature.
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Hidden Arcadia in Sendai, Joge-nyorai

Less than an hour from Sendai, a temple apears in mountains. This is Jyoge-nyorai (Saihoji Temple) which is a popular place among locals. A five-storied pagoda and Japanese garden are beautiful.


Must-try Triangled Deep-fried Tofu

Triangled deep-fried tofu is a must-try at Joge-nyorai. It is the most popular food and also for souvenir at this place. It just out of the hot oil is super delicious. Let's have it and wander around.


Diverse Harmony from Tens of Falls

Can you imagine how Japanese phoenix sing? Not too far from Joge-nyorai, there's a spot where you see multiple water falls at the same time. Each fall creates unique sounds and it becomes a harmony.


Be Relaxed at Akiu Hot Spring

On the way back to Sendai, it may be a good idea to stop at Akiu Town. Despite many hot springs in Northern Honshu, Akiu Hot Spring is always one of the best choices. Let's heel our fatigue there.

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