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Everything You Want to Do in Zao

Mt. Zao is well-known for its unique activities. Playing with foxes, enjoying skiing, taking a hot spring will be the main things on your wish list. Why don't you spend time in Zao area?
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The Fox Heaven “Zao Fox Villege“

One of the world's uniquest zoos is here named Zao Fox Villege. All foxes are well-bred here, so you can safely play with many kinds of foxes. It will be such an unforgetable experience.


Powder Snow Skiing on Mt. Zao

There are many mountains to enjoy skiing in Japan and Mt. Zao is one of them. It's very popular, so the ski resort is crowded. Locals can take you to their favorite uncrowded skii resort.


Heal in Hot Spring After a Chilly Day

To heal the tired body with skiing, Zao's hot spring “Togatta Onsen“ is the perfect area. At this onsen, you can enjoy the magnificent scenery of Zao with snow in the winter while taking a hot spring.


The Last Destination “Local Tavern“

Let's enjoy delicious meals and tasty local sake at a local tavern “Chocho“ in Saendai. After taking hot springs, you will treat yourself to these. This is the best for the end of the trip.

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