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Experience The Sea and Culture of Tohoku

The coast of Sanrik is known as one of the world's three greatest fishing spots. It means there are a rich sea and mountains spreading. You will know how Tohoku people love nature.
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Visit A Museum of Japanese Manga Culture

First, go a bit farther to Ishinomori Manga Museum where many manga works such as Kamen Rider are stored. The museum looking like a spaceship and the facilities are enjoyable for those in all ages.


The Best Food from The Sea of Grace

Ishinomaki is one of the best fishing spots even in the world. The seafood bowl eaten here will be different from ones you've ever had before. Why don't' you have one you may not find anywhere else?


Go to A Majestic Shrine Loved by Locals

Shiogama Shrine is the highest ranked shrine in this area. While going up 202 steps, you may feel the shinto spirit of Japan. The main shrine stands there with a mysterious atmosphere.


Enjoy “Matsushima“ with The Sunset

In Matsushima, one of the three scenic spots in Japan, many islands are scattered in the bay and its origin has been kept and loved. Matsushima with sunset is an exquisitely spectacular view.

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