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Digest Of a Half-Day Trip Around Shibuya

  • Justine
  • Justine


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Hi, everybody! I'm Justine. This video shows my point of view during a trip around Shibuya. I didn't know that there are lots of such wonderful places there. More than anything else, I had the best time with locals. Don't miss it.

The Crossing isn't Only One to See

Shibuya is a heartbeating city that represents Japanese modern cultures. You can hardly tell that you fully enjoyed Shibuya just because of photos taken in front of the crowded scramble crossing. Making a little side step from the center of Shibuya makes you encounter cultures and local life styles being kept since ancient days. An interesting thing is not only a variety of cultures that are melting together, but the philosophy of Japanese people and the unique senses in Shibuya are in the harmony. Let's jump into "Real Shibuya" with Tomodachi Guides! They stretch a helping hand to you!

TVAD Shibuya Map
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Take a Photo at "Shibuya Crossing"

Firstly, we took photos at the most famous scramble crossing in the world. Shibuya crossing with lots of people and colorful signs is like a small world. We experienced the world's busiest spot.


Taste Local Cuisine and Sweets

In Sangenjaya, we had delicious Champon, a kind of noodle, at Ramen Nagasaki and a dessert at a locals' beloved gelato shop nearby. It made me feel like being a local and love this city.


A Lot of Lucky Cats Greet Me

A three-story pagoda (like in Kyoto) and a lot of beckoning cat ornaments welcomed us at Gotokuji Temple. People from all ages could marvel at the temple and tons of beckoning cats are instagrammable!


A Shrine Cherished by the Locals

Setagaya Hachimagu Shrine isn't known by tourists well. It has a Sumo ring and we did Sumo wrestling here. Everyone could be Sumo wrestlers in this secret spot!


See a Panoramic View of Tokyo

With popular sweets bought at Tokyu Store, we visited Carrot Tower. At this special place with a magnificent view, nobody forgets an unending stretch of buildings and sunset over Tokyo.


Try Out Sake & Learn More About Locals

We crawled Sangenjaya district, a typical Japanese pub area. At "Fukuwarai", locals' beloved tavern, we drank, spent time with locals sitting close one another and immersed ourselves in local life!



Meet up at Shibuya St.


Take photos at Scramble Crossing


Have Champon at Nagaski and gelato at Woodayice


Visit Gotokuji Temple


Visit Setagaya Hachimangu Shrine


Shop at Tokyu Store


Visit Carrot Tower


See you again

Number of people: 3 (friends)
Total Cost: JPY 38,800
Duration: 8.0hours

Trip Highlight


I could get to know about Shibuya thanks to Local guides. If they hadn't been with us, we'd have visited only the scramble crossing, and this trip would have been much less enjoyable. We visited a lots of local spots which we couldn't possibly visit by ourselves. Also, I found it really fun that we met the locals and talked a lot to them while traveling!

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