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Incredible Experience. With complementary personalities and a unique perspective from a local, they were able to show me a deeper layer of this wonferful city. I Would Highly Recommend anyone coming to Japan!

Review 2 cf6dc1c172e8bea2e6cacf7ae57d98ca2722744d6d39ef48f351298f69245d98

I had the pleasure of spending the day. Guides were fantastic, and they made everything simple for me, all I had to do was relax and enjoy myself. I’d highly recommend either or both for a fun-filled day of touring.

Review 3 be9f46ce5d46e6c78146c22daa2398b8cb955f3a24012e68d98a7841e3660f97

We couldn't have got around Kyoto and see the best sights without them. Our main concern was food, halal food. We’re so glad that locals understood this and dined together. We will surely book with them again next time!

Review 4 26412d0be514aec152d90a7846f8e8b15a07f4d3e3436ad19ee1cdbc16ff35fa

We'd like to thank you guides for a really memorable day! The scenery they showed us was amazing. We’re very happy that we'd chosen to take this tour and recommend that anyone traveling to Japan!

Review 5 445785697df827eea559c888416f5796cc59aca3e08d116aa2e590599cc9599f

The guides were friendly, warm and welcoming. The fun I had in Tokyo encourage me to visit other cities soon :) The days trips was organized in a perfect way. Local guides make my trip unforgettable.