What kind of guides should I be?


As long as you embody these beliefs, you are more than welcome to join us at TOMODACHI GUIDE!
The key to becoming a good guide is to always put your guest first all the time! However, what differentiates the good from the great is the ability to comprehend these three main ideas. Of course the ways you communicate to guests differs between the guides themselves. However, imprinting these three ideas into your mind will surely help you.

1. Be Open to New Experiences and be Ready to Embrace The Fun!
Instead of traversing mainstream places commonly printed on the pages of travel guide books, wear your adventure hat and visit places that only locals would know.
With TOMODACHI GUIDE, you can get the best of both world. Discover popular tourist destinations, but at the same time, also those hidden gems. Due to language barriers, there are so many beautiful places, unique sceneries and mouth-watering dishes which are not commonly listed in the guidebook for foreigners to see. Talk with your guides and they will be more than happy to take you there; or at the very least inform you about it. During activities, guide will always come in pair, allowing them to always support each other and lessen any potential troubles. With a pair-guide, you are able to fully focus on the fun during your stay in Japan.

2. A Lot of Stories to Tell
Seeking beautiful sceneries or exploring Japan's vast concrete jungle are fun. That being said, we believe that meeting people would be the most memorable thing. Our guides are really looking forward to interacting with guests. The guides will give their best to understand your needs and craft the most memorable tour of Japan exclusively for you. Considering how tremendously different people's needs are, many of our guides are capable of keeping their pace with you. Considering your feelings and demands at varying stages in tour planning. However, they do not devote themselves to guiding alone, which means they are not simply your average guide-interpreters. There may be some instances where they may not know some intricate details that foreigners generally want to know. On the contrary, you will be traveling with a guide who can not only communicate well in English but also dedicate themselves in providing you with an amazing trip. All guides love caring for their friends. They have a strong connection to their local places. They will even introduce you as a friend to their buddies when you bump into them. You will experience many memorable things and create wonderful memories by the end of your trip. We also assure you that you will establish an everlasting bond in the process.

3. Be Honest to What You Exactly Want to Do.
Language barriers and general lack of information can be a drag. Since you made it all the way to Japan, it is a pity that you will miss a lot of the country's best kept secrets because of these two things.
Guides will gladly plan an itinerary that puts you into the forefront. They are also willing to reconsult said itinerary until a plan that suits you best is born.
It would be costly if you hire a butler-like guide who does all those kinds of things as you order. Alternatively, you would be immensely restricted if you plan your itinerary with a travel agency. There are a lot of Japanese people who want foreigners to know how wonderful Japan is. Many locals are also intrigued with the idea of expanding their global mindset through the means of communication. TOMODACHI GUIDE is where we assemble these personalities. Those who share our values and interests towards the global society. Start your journey by talking with guides that you find interesting. Afterward simply plan your itinerary and anticipate your trip to Japan.

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