How do I decide the fee for the activities?


Even if you go to the same place, its fee depends on what you do.
Basically a preliminary payment without a guide fee depends on a consultation between guests and guides. Guides can ask guests to pay expense beforehand or in cash when they meet.
The sum you set up may be paid beforehand or on the appointed day. For example, you can ask guests to pay before a tour to book museums or restaurants. The timing of payment does not matter here. Just register the approximate sum which is needed on the appointed day. The items to fill out here is the expense guests will pay (approximate estimate) and the breakdown of above expenses.

[Guests' expense (approximately)]
You do not need to write the exact amount of money needed. Just set up an approximate amount per person which you usually spend on that activity.
Guests will pay a guide fee, expense, and transportation fares as you travel with guides on the basis of activities. For example, when guests choose an activity whose duration is 3 hours and expense is 3,000 yen, guests need to pay 19,500 yen (3,000 yen × 4 people + 7,500 yen [guide fee]). Activity fee also varies as you customize a tour, but for now, just set an approximate amount.

[Breakdown of above expenses]
Here you can enter what is included in the estimate of the activity expenses. Writing a breakdown as detailed as possible how much it costs, helps guests to understand it easily. Even if the guest cannot imagine how much this fee will be in an approximate estimate, guests may be convinced after seeing this breakdown. Also, at the time of preliminary consultation, you can tell your guests why a suggested activity is at this price.
For example, if the activity is to go to an art museum, the breakdown would be described as admission fees for Art Museum (museum entrance fee).

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