What is a Support Guide?


Support Guide serves as a partner to a Main Guide--a guide in charge of creating draft plans and making arrangements for the guests. Support Guide tags along with a Main Guide during a trip, making sure that everything goes as planned, therefore securing a great experience for guide and guests alike.

Tomodachi Guide is a guide matching platform that shatters the conventional idea of guided tours by bringing casual and friendly vibe into the equation. We dedicate ourselves in avoiding the obvious and take our guests off the beaten track!
To offer enjoyable travel experiences and to ensure our service does not violate the Japanese Law of Guide-Interpreter, we laid out a pair-guide system.

1. To Offer Enjoyable Traveling
Worry no more about feeling nervous or potential language barriers! In Tomodachi Guide you will always have a buddy to lean on so you can always focus on the fun!. We at Huber always try to create an authentic and casual experience--just like you would normally hang out with your friends; And so, the pair-guide system was created, allowing you and your Support Guide to fully immerse yourself with the guests.

2. To Make Sure our Service Does not Violate the Law of Guide-Interpreter
In accordance to the Japanese Law, accompanying foreigner(s) by providing a guided tour using foreign language with money being involved would require a special license of guide-interpreter. In order to ensure that Tomodachi Guide does not violate said law, we offer guides in pairs, splitting the role of guide and interpreter in the process.

Support Guide is the most important role for guests' satisfaction on day of the trip. Two is better than one and it takes two to secure an amazing day! With two people on board, guides can fully dedicate their focus on the fun and the enjoyment of their guests.

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