What should I do if I cannot find a Support Guide?


If you find it difficult to recruit a support guide, begin your search from our community. If it still does not work, go to our site and simply ask around other guides who seem to fit your personality.

[Find Them From Our Community]
TOMODACHI GUIDE provides area-based commmunities that operate both online and offline. Our communities is the soul of our operation and an inseperable aspect of the entire experience. Exist to fulfill the role of support for all active members while providing a strong sense of belonging; Communities constantly feed all members with key information online, while hold events to incite greater bonds between members and equip them with essential knowledge as a guide. Please ask one our community leader for more information about communities.
One of the best way to connect with our communities is through the use of SNSes, such as Facebook and LINE. We have created dedicated group pages for each respective communities to accomodate numerous online activities. Our communities equip members with the best method of finding your perfect support guide(s). When you get a reservation and need a support guide, simply refer to our community group page and start recruiting! Remember to always add them as a "friend" first on our site.

[Find Them Online]
You can befriend with another guide by simply looking it up on TOMODACHI GUIDE site. Just send a friend request to a guide of your liking. Select "ガイド仲間を探す" by going to "Friends" on your page to start looking for your partner guide(s) that suit you best. Let him or her first know who you are before sending a friend request. Without properly introduce yourself, said guide may decline your request. Even if someone accepts your request , we imagine it would be quite difficult to organize an amazing travel experience with a total stranger. For that reason, we have created guide communities which are based at different areas of Japan. Communities exist to promote communication and incite greate bond between members. Communities also have the role to nurture users, equipping them with the essential knowledge and tools to be a better guide.
In a case where you cannot find a support guide, you can start thinking of canceling the tour entirely (please note that a penalty may be imposed on the guide). Although we kindly ask you to refrain from canceling a tour as much as possible. Simply be more pro-active on your search and you will the perfect support guide.
To cancel tours, go to "My Bookings" on your page and click on a the "Cancel" button located next to your reserved tours.

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