How do I enter my basic information?


What you, both guests and guides, wrote on General Information will partially be reflected on your profile. This will be the starting point for both guests and guides to get to know each other. Please write down your interests and anything that fully expresses your unique personality. You can register your name, sexuality, date of birth, phone number, nationality, postal code, address, what you require from trips, the countries you have visited and unpalatable foods.

[Required Items]
You need to write down your name, phone number, nationality and address on General information. Without registering these items, you cannot send an "offer" to your guests.
1. Your Name
This will be the header of your profile page. Only your first name will be displayed in this page. Your last name can only be viewed once you launch the message threads.

2. Phone number
You need to write down your phone number. Worry not, as it will not be publicly displayed. Your phone number is visible only to your guests and your support guide during the day once a reservation is made. Guides can check guests' phone number on either Your Trip and Your Bookings in the dashboard. Please note that this is only for an emergency call during the appointed day.

3. Nationality
Your nationality will not be publicly displayed on your own profile page. Your nationality can only be viewed on the message threads. Writing down your nationality is necessary to set up a good conversation between you and your guests.

4. Address
Your address is not visible to others. It would be referred to when accidents or troubles occur.

[Other Items]
You can write down your gender, date of birth, postal code, occupation, countries you have visited and a tagline that best describes you. Occupation and countries you have visited will be visible on your profile page.

1. Gender
You can select your gender out of Male, Female, and Others. The following will not be publicly displayed

2. Date of Birth
It will be referred to when we confirm your ID. The following will not be publicly displayed

3. Postal Code
The following will not be publicly displayed

4. What you require from trips
Here, you can describe what you want to do in a trip and what are you interested in. The following will be publicly displayed.

5. Countries you have visited
If you register countries you have visited, it will be displayed on the map under your profile page. The countries you have visited will be denoted with the color blue.

6. Unpalatable foods
What you do not want to eat is important to travel happily. Please tell us your unpalatable foods. The following will not be publically displayed.

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