How do I accept a Support Guide?


When a main guide ask you to become a support guide through our community or our site, the first thing to understand is the content of the tour. Check your schedule and see whether you are available or not. Being a support guide does not mean that you will be doing mostly nothing during the day. It is quite the contrary actually. We believe that two is always better than one. You are chosen by the main guide for a reason! Do not betray his or her decision. Be a helping hand to the main guide and provide a splendid journey for the guests.

[How to accept the offer of a support guide]
If you are asked by a main guide to be a support guide and you are willing to be it, the main guide will invite you to a message thred as the support guide. More than one guide can join the message thread, so you can decide whether you will be the support guide after getting to know the plan from the main guide and talking to the guest.

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