How is the website structured?


Tomodachi Guide is intuitively grouped into three key pages--questions regarding travels, guide's profile, and travel scrapbooks.

[Questions Regarding Travels]
Guests will answer a few questions about their trip, which are essential to ensure making the best trip on this page. Based on the results, several guides will propose plans to the guests. This is called a draft plan. After several suggestions have been received, the guests will select a draft plan that they are interested in, and your consultation with the guide who created the draft plan will begin.

[Guide's Profile]
Learn more about our guides who plan for you through their profile pages. Get to know what they are like, what they are interested in and what they are good at.

[travel scrapbooks]
You can see variety of travels born from Tomodachi Guide on this page. We call those experiences which guides have had all over Japan Tomolog (Tomodachi log). You would better check out travel scrapbooks to inspect reviews closely since you may find the travel log of the review there.

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