How do I travel Japan with my guests?


[Create Draft Plans]

Guests who visit TOMODACHI GUIDE, will first answer a few questions about a few things about their trip, which are essential to ensure making the best trip on the web. Based on the results, several guides will propose plans to the guests. This is called a draft plan. After several suggestions have be been received, the guests will select a draft plan that they are interested in, and consultation with the guide who created the draft plan and the guest will begin.


With TOMODACHI GUIDE, you cannot immediately book draft plans and guides that have been suggested. We at TOMODACHI GUIDE, believe that it is best to discuss with the guide and talk with the guide during preliminary consultation, so that the guests can be completely satisfied and help to make the guest's one and only original trip.

Once the matching between the guests and guides have been completed, the start to making the one and only unique trip for the guests will commence. There will be discussions between the guests and guides, where questions will be asked and answered. Ask everything you want to hear, and answer everything that is being asked, all in order to create the best trip as possible. When a mutual agreement about the trip has been reached, the guide will send a trip offer. The trip reservation will be completed once the Paypal payment for the offer has been settled. Before or after the booking is completed, you can find the support guide to join the plans that has been decided, as a support guide. The support guide and main guide will enjoy the scheduled trip with the guests as a guide pair.

[Recruit a Support]

When the trip consultation begins, the guide will need to find a support guide for the day of the trip. You are able to search for a support guide who will be your pair, before the book is finalized, or after. Here are the steps to finding a support guide who will complete your pair.

1. Begin as Friends
First things first, you need to become friends with the support guide who will accompany you on the day of the trip. To become friends, on My Page, and select "Friends" and "Search for Guides," in order to find a support guide.

2. Talking to Support Guide Candidates
Talk with the support guide, discuss the details of the trip, and decide whether they are able to participate on the day of the trip as the support guide.

3. Decide on a Support Guide
From the message thread about the Plan Information's search for the support guide you would like and invite them to join the message thread.

4. Make a Game Plan
When the support guide is confirmed, introduce them to the guest, and check the deails of the trip with them. When all is said and done, all you both have to do is simply anticipate your trip! There will be unforgettable memories and wonderful memories throughout the course of the great trip waiting for the guests and guides. In order to provide the guests with the best experiences and memories they can have, it is recommended that the main guide and support guide get together beforehand and consult with each other about the trip. Details about the trip through messages or meeting before the meeting time on the day of the trip, can go a long way in making the trip go off without a hitch!

[Enjoy Your Trip]

Because you have made arrangements and met a little bit before the trip, and after anticipating the long-awaited meeting for days—even months for some; You should be shrouded with excitement and enthusiasm to finally meet your guest—your partner in the creation of the world’s greatest travel itinerary! Bring everything you got and simply enjoy the trip to the fullest. There are some cases where schedules or even the contents of the trip have to change. Stay flexible and always converse with your guests. If such circumstances do occur during your trip, an extra fee may be involved.

[Write a Review]

Even when your trip ends, it does not mean that the relationship you have built with the guests ends with said trip. Stay connected, send them pictures that commemorate your journey together. Write a thing a or two about your guests as they will write a thing or two about you too! Express what you have felt during the time you have spent together in a form of a review.

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