How do I accept an offer?


In order to view an "offer" made by your guide, you have to first access the message thread between you and your guide--And of course this is done after your consultation have reached a concrete result. Once accessed, open "Tour Information" to view your guide's "offer".

After receiving an offer from your guide, the status for "Tour Information" will change into an "Offer" for guides, but guests' status will not change from "Plan". However, if your guide sends an "Offer" to guests, guests get the message "I sent you a tour plan" from guides. Review the cost and itinerary with care and do not forget to ask question when puzzled. if there are any issues with any of the content, tell your concern to your guide. You can annul your guide's "offer" by clicking on the "Cancel" button. On the other hand, if you are satisfied with the content, go ahead and click "Confirm" to begin the reservation process. You will be directed to a payment screen immediately after.

Our current payment method is limited to PayPal. We can assure you that PayPal does not charge any extra service fees. Furthermore, as long as you hold a credit card you can create an account with ease, making the entire process extremely simple. Please note that you will be requested to register your address or contact information in case of an emergency.

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