How do I find my support guide?


Once a draft plan is chosen and preliminary consultation with guests begins, guides can invite a support guide to the message thread. To ensure the best kinds of trip, Tomodachi Guide adopts a pair-guide system. Once you start to arrange for your guest, you should search for the perfect support guide before or after the reservation is confirmed. Simply follow these steps, and you'll find your best support.
1. Become a friend
First of all, you need to make friends with other guides who may be your support guide on the appointed day. To become a companion, look for a guide from "Search for guides" in "Friends" on your page.
2. Talk to a candidate for support guide
You ask a candidate for support guide whether they can be your support guide on the appointed day.
3. Determine your support guide
From the column of support guide select in the plan information at the message thread, search for the candidate support guide and invite them to the message thread.
4. Consult the travel
When the support guide is confirmed, you will introduce them to your guest and check the details of the travel. On the appointd day, unforgettable experiences and memories will be waiting for guides and guests in a wonderful journey made with guides and guests. We recommend that the main guide and the support guide consult the trip together beforehand so that the best memories can be brought to the guests. Talking about the travel by message or getting together a little earlier on the appointed day makes the travel more smooth.

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