How do we decide our trip?


There is honestly no right answers to how to do a proper consultation with guests. Everybody is unique in their own special way. Tomodachi Guide is a very personalized service, so we warmly welcome different sorts personalities. In fact, we encourage each one of you to fully express your unique personas. We however, have a couple of tips to help you get started and simply establish a style that truly fits you best from there.

[Work Out The Details of Your Trip]
Once you arrange the skeleton of your trip, try to fill it with some meat! Review and revise your plan based on your guests' budgets and requirements. Send some pictures and simple explanations to your guests, allowing them to better visualize your trip. After the plans are listed up, offer it to your guest and claim that the world's one and only trip to Japan has been created! This process will probably take a bit of your time. But we can assure you that you will be satisfied at the end as you will create a wonderful journey that can only be experienced with Tomodachi Guide.

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