How can I create a draft plan?


To make a draft plan, first find out guests and plans that match yourself from "Guest List" and click on "Make a Draft Plan".
Then the draft plan creation page will open. In this page, it is divided into a message input item to the guest, an item explaining the flow of the trip by four photos and a description, and an item of entering the details of the travel.

【Message to Guest】
Here you describe what you want to tell guests: what the highlight of the travel was, why you made this plan, and what experience you want guests to undergo. Since there are limitations of 200 characters, please write those within it.

【Pictures and Explanation】
It is an item to explain the summary of a travel with four photos and its explanations respectively. Just express the pleasure of traveling to guests visually by picking up what you want guests to experience out of the overall flow of the trip. You can enter a title and a summary to each picture. The title has a limit of 35 characters, and the outline has a limit of 200 characters.

【Details of Travel】
Here you can set the time of traveling, the amount of money without the guide fee, and the schedule when the guide is available. The amount of money without the guide fee is the sum of an admission fee, travel expenses, meal fees and those kinds of things guides and guests would pay. The schedule when the guide is available, you can select more than one day. If guests likes a plan or a guide, they may ask you to guide on the other date.

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