What is Journey Outline?


Journey Outline is a set of questions prepared for guests to create a foundation of the best suitable trip.
Journey Outline has only 15 questions. A result of Journey Outline tells guides about trip preferences, food preferences, necessary information of the guest, and these kinds of things.
Based on the information of Journey Outline, guides suggests plans for them.
We call this plan a Draft Plan.

Journey Outline is free, but it is necessary to sign up for Huber. in order to receive Draft Plans from guides. You can also create an account at the end of Journey Outline.
In addition, Journey Outline has an expiration date of 3 days after answering. During these three days, guides can see guests' requests and guests may receive a Draft Plan.
If you do not receive any Draft Plan, or if you need a guide on a different day, please answer Journey Outline again.

What is Draft Plan?

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