How do I register as a guest?


To become a guest, you need to sign up for Huber to create an itinerary.
Signing up is completely free of charge. To create an account, click "Sign Up" at the top of our homepage. Alternatively, it is also possible to sign up at the end of the questions of trips(Trip Outline).
You can create an account on Huber with either a Facebook account or an email address.

To register with Facebook, simply click "Sign up with a Facebook account(or as Name)". If you have logged into your Facebook account already, your Huber account will activate without the need for email confirmation.

To register with an email address, click "Sign up with Email" and fill in the following information: email address, password, and first name. Click "Register" afterward and access a confirmation mail sent from us. Verify your account by following the URL in the email.
When you create an account, you can also save your profile photo and phone number, promo code for your upcoming trip.

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