Do you arrange cars?


According to Japanese law, Huber and our guides cannot arrange a car for you except the following cases.
When asking for the activity using a car, please do it in ways below.

[About use of vehicles on a trip]
When the guest rents a car and the guide drives on behalf of the guest

This is not a transportation service but a "driving service", it is outside the scope of the Road Transport Act and for that reason, guides can rent a car legally. Huber recommends this method.
Guides do it in the following ways, specifically.

1. Guides set the assumed date, time and type of vehicle, then guides quote the charge of a rental car on the website of rental car shops.
2. Enter the estimated amount of the charge said above in "other expense" and submit the offer.
3. Guides tell guests that car rental fee must be paid at the shop by credit card or cash on the day.
4. Guides tell the car rental company that 1 or 2 Japanese drive a car, and reserve a car with the name of the guest as a contractor and a payer.
5. Guides inform guests with the image attached that the reservation is complete.
6. Have guests write contracts at the shop on the trip day and have them make a settlement. As a driver, the main guide (and support guide) presents a driver's license and leases the car with the name of guides written in brackets next to the name of guests.
7. When returning the car, guests will settle the gas fee and the toll by credit card or cash.

Can I book accommdations?

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