Overall flow


In Huber, two guides show guests around in pairs. A main guide and a supporting guide work together for guest's wonderful trip.
A main guide is the one a guest choose, and the supporting guide is the one the main guide choose to work together.

If you are a main guide;
1. Create a Draft Plan
2. Guest contacts you and plan in the chat
3. Offer a trip and be booked in the chat
4. Become a friend with another guide and assign as a supporting guide
5. Share the trip details with a supporting guide
6. Enjoy the trip day
7. Write a review for guests

If you are a supporting guide;
1. Find a trip that you want to support from Waiting Room
2. A main guide assigns you as a supporting guide
3. Share the trip details with a supporting guide
4. Enjoy the trip day
5. Write a review for guests

What is Draft Plan?
What is Waiting Room?
How do I become a supporting guide?
How do I write a review?

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