How do I plan in Huber. Chat?


Guides' personalities are reflected greatly in their profiles. For that reason, take into account that their way of communicating may differ between one another. That being said, this aspect is Huber's utmost pride.

Here is a typical flow of a conversation that occurs between both guests and guides. We want you to always prioritize your own and guide's comfort, so do not feel obligated to follow this suggestion of ours. Simply, choose a method that best fits you.

After a guest choose Draft Plan and a guide accept a request from the guest, planning in a chat will start. Start to ask details about the places and activities you would like to experience.
The guide will arrange the Draft Plan in accordance with guest's needs. Make an effort to create the world's only trip with the guest. The unique experience you can find only with Tomodachi Guide starts with the very beginning of planning.

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