How do I use Tour Info?


Tour Information is a form prepared for guides to summarize the trip found on the top right of a chat room.
Tour Information needs to be fully filled with trip details to send an offer and make a booking.

Contents in Tour Information are a trip date, a number of guests, relationship of the guests, meeting time and guide duration, trip detail, other expenses, meeting location, details of meeting location, and assigning a supporting guide.

1. Trip date
Guide selects a date of the planned trip.

2. Number of guests and their relationship
Guide selects a number of guests and their relationship.

3. Meeting time and guide duration
Guide selects a time to meet up and duration of the planned trip. Guide fee will be calculated by a duration of the trip.

4. Trip details and food request
Guide types in details of the planned trip such as things to bring, important information, and these kinds of things. Also, the guest's food requests will be reflected in meal information.

5. Guide fee and other expense
Guide fee is calculated by the duration of the planned trip. Other than that, if there are prices that the guide can estimate, the guide can set other expenses to be paid by the guest in advance.

6. Meeting location and its details
Guide selects a meeting location on Google Map available for Tour Information. In the details of the meeting location, mentioning remarkable things will help both guides and guests recognize each other easily.

7. Assigning a supporting
Assigned supporting guide will join in a chat with a guest and guide.
To find a supporting guide, both the guides need to be friends on Huber
Search for the guide from My Friends and send a friend request.

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