What are other expenses on trip day?


When it comes to fees, there are various cases depending on guides and guests.
It varies what expenses guests and guides pay in advance and on the trip day.

There are no clear rules or procedures to determine travel expenses. Usually, guests and guides decide as they want on chat.
However, in order to prevent trouble, guides and guests have to decide the cost as they agree with each other.

Huber recommends that guides make everything collected and paid in advance. In that case, guests only need to pay for unexpectable things such as lunch and souvenirs. ""Cash-less, cash first,"" will lessen money-related troubles and make you feel more like you travel with friends.
If you do not understand about expenses, please feel free to ask your guides.

Basically, the cost of a trip consists of three kinds of payments.

A. The preliminary payment paid by guests
B. The payment on the day of the trip paid by guides
C. The payment on the day of the trip paid by guests

This is the example of the payment.
A. Entrance fee, Transport fee
B. Souvenirs for guides themselves
C. Lunch fee for both guests and guides

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