FAQ for Guests


FAQ for guests

Q. What is Huber?
Huber is a matching platform for travelers and locals. You and locals cooperatively create your itinerary and travel together.

Q. Are there any package tours?
We do not have any package tours. All trip you would experience with Huber is planned by guides and yourself.

Q. Can I just get only plans?
Local guides do not only give you plans. They spend time to plan for you and travel with you.

Q. Do guides arrange accommodations?
Local guides cannot arrange accommodations for you.

Q. Do guides rent a car?
Local guides cannot rent a car instead of you. But some of them may help you to drive it.

Q. Can I book guides even I bring children or elders?
Of course. But you better tell it first so that guides can take it into consideration.

Q. How can I sign up for Huber?
You can sign up by click "sign up" (or log in) from the top of the website. Even you can do it at the end of the questions of trips.

Q. How can I check draft plans?
You can check plans from Draft Plans.

Q. How can I request tours in multiple areas?
You can make requests in each area as you answered the questions as many as you want to make requests.

Q. How can I check Bookings?
You can check your booking from Bookings.

Q. What is the guide fee?
The guide fee is 7,500 JPY for first 3 hours and 2,000 JPY for each additional hour. Please refer to ”What is the guide fee?”

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