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Kyoto - Beyond the Postcard Shot

It goes without saying that Kyoto is a destination with a particularly rich and vibrant history. The city is bursting with so many famous sightseeing spots that you could find them even with your eyes closed! This may lead you to think you can full enjoy and appreciate Kyoto travelling by yourselves—in this case, you came across the right article.

As the country’s former capital, Kyoto dominated Japan’s culture for 1,000 years, so wouldn’t it be a shame to only get a superficial look and miss out on all its subtleties and hidden treasures? Just like going to a concert for the hits only, and overlooking a band’s fascinating yet overlooked back catalog. Here, we will show you some of the hidden culture spots in Kyoto, places and activities that are just waiting to be discovered by visitors from around the world. Kinkakuji may symbolize Kyoto, but the old capital has so much more to offer—Let us take you to the real Kyoto.