in Huber
Dream to Travel and Meet Friends
Around the World
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"I sometimes go for drinks together and even fly my drone together with my guests. They and I always enjoy trips as if we've been friends for a long time already" said Taka while looking back over the past experiences in Huber.
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He found his dream when he was a high school student. His interests in space and rockets led him to belong to the physics club in his high school. One day, he won at an event called CanSat competition where students create their own artificial satellite made from an empty can. The prize for winning the competition was a trip to Los Angeles. This trip gave him a dream to travel all around the world. "The world has lots more to show me but don't know what's out there," said Taka. Then he encountered Huber visioning "being friends with people in the world".

Secondly, Taka's uniqueness differentiates his guiding from any other local guides. He loves drones so much! Flying his drone is an activity often included in his guiding which comes from his passion for sharing what he truly loves. His drone always gives him wonderful memories with guests even long after their trip. Consequently, guests always say "Come to visit us next time! Then we will show you around."
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"At first, travel meant 'visiting famous attractions' to me, but since I made many friends around the world, my definition became 'traveling to meet friends around the world,'" said Taka with smiles on his face. Now, he enjoys making friends through his frequent guiding experiences in Huber to make his dream come true.
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