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Be Captivated By Human Beings
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“I just love meeting people and making friends,” said Hanako. Meeting different cultures and values and then accepting those differences are very important parts of her for making friends. With her bottomless interest in people, she studies and researches the reproductive endocrinology in a graduate school.
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What made her join Huber were her high school life in the US and her business experiences abroad. She always spent time with locals and became friends with locals. Then she knew a beauty of always learning new things and trying whatever her friends believe is good. Therefore, she always establishes deeply rooted friendships with locals. Eventually, a purpose of her travel became “people”, and this belief matched Huber’s philosophy of “friends are always destinations of your trip.”

“Many of my friends visit me in Japan, and I love showing them around.” What is important for her guiding is the hospitality. She says “I want my guests to enjoy Japan as much as possible.” You actually get to meet many locals through the trip because of her ability to have friendly conversations with other locals. She said, “when you are in Japan, it is always more fun with locals.” Her acceptance to different cultures makes people feel comfortable and invite her to their home countries.
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“I became friends with my guests throughout my Huber experiences, and now, I have so many destinations to visit. It just makes me excited where to visit!” Hanako loves “people” and cherishes every opportunity to meet new people.
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