in Huber
Unforgettable Time in a Town She Lives
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“Meeting people, talking to them, discovering new attractions in them, and showing them my favorite town are the ingredients of spending wonderful time together.” Tomomi talked about her guiding experiences with full of smiles on her face.
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Since Tomomi was a child, she’s always loved one thing. It’s a belief of how wonderful meeting new people from different backgrounds is. This was a reason for her to go to an international university which was an ideal environment for her. Everyone was speaking different languages but still able to be themselves. The more time she spent there, the more communicating with people in a diverse and respectful community attracted her. Then she was already in love with the town before she realized it.

“Today, I still love exploring a town with visitors from other countries.” Every time she guides in Huber, she discovers something new and attractive through different eyes as she shares her favorite "usual" with her guests. Being a guide in Huber motivated her to represent her favorite town, and there was even a guest who changed a plan and decided to come to Beppu instead of Kansai Area to meet her.
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She remembered the time and satisfyingly said “It was surprising! Showing him around was such a delight to me.” To share aspects of her favorite town and enjoy it together are very important to her. Once you travel with her, you will be absolutely charmed by the town she loves.
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