What are the rules for the guide?


To do TOMODACHI GUIDE, there are some ideas that we first would like you to know.
Become a great Guide by following these seven tips to guarantee a wonderful experience with your guest

[Respect your Guests' Journey]
--Be all ears to your guests' voices
Engrave the idea that your guest is spending their hard-earned cash and irreplacable time as they visit Japan.

[Be Professional]
--Have an understanding of basic social etiquette
Every trip starts with a proper "hello", sometimes the simplest things are the most important ones, yet they are often overlooked.

[Get to Know Each Other]
--Seize this opportunity to make new friends
Every good comradery starts with getting to know one another. Start your journey by opening up a little about yourself.

[You are the Composer of your Trip]
--Friends' happiness is yours as well
Remember to always have a grasp of your feelings as you travel; Stay emotionally composed and good vibes will come naturally.

[Enjoy Together]
--Fun is contagious
You will be sharing these moments with your guests. It's quite simple; They'll have fun if you have fun, so enjoy your trip to the fullest!

[Befriend your Partner Guide as Well]
--Perfect combination
Know your role and always go with a "one for all, all for one" mentality.

[Be Yourself]
--Personalities are Huber.'s ultimate perk.
Even if you think that you're plain, always remember to express yourself as who you truly are. Being honest to yourself is the sure-fire way to make an everlasting relationship.

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