Can I use a car for my activity?


In TOMODACHI GUIDE, the case that we have to pay attention to is when guests ask you to arrange accommodations, car rental, bus or car rental with a personal driver. It is against the Japanese law that guides make arrangements and get compensated. Do not put yourself in a situation where you are being paid outside of guide fee. It is illegal when your are being paid to arrange accommodations, car rental, bus or car rental with a personal driver. Please be very careful whenever you arrange a trip that involves the use vehicle.

[About use of vehicles in a trip]
1. When using cars owned by guides
It is very possible as long as you have told your guests that the fee for driving is not included in the guide fee. For example, if you do not include the gas fee or toll in preliminary settlement and guests pay the gas fee and toll on the spot on that day, guests can also use cars owned by guides. However, since it is quite complicated to make such arrangement, generally, we (TOMODACHI GUIDE) do not recommend traveling using cars owned by guides.
*However, guides can use their cars which have a green number license plate if guides get permission from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

2. When the guide rents a car
As mentioned above, TOMODACHI GUIDE does not recommend such arrangement, because arranging the fee and all of the intricacies can be a bit complicated

3. When the guest rents a rental car and the guide drives on behalf of the guest
This is not a transportation service but a "driving service", it is outside the scope of the Road Transport Act and for that reason, guides can get a car rental legally. TOMODACHI GUIDE recommends this method.

Guides do it in the following ways, specifically.
(1) Guides set the assumed date, time and type of vehicle to use the rental car and guides calculates the charge of rental car on the website of the rental car.
(2) Enter the estimated amount of (1) in "当日ゲストに負担してもらうコスト (Not included部分)" and submit the offer.
(3) If guests ask guides "Is there a rental car charge in this?", guides will send the contents of Not included part by message, and guides will also send a screenshot of the cost on the Invoice (click on "Invoice") that guests will bear on that day.
(4) Guides tell guests that car rental fee must be paid at the shop by credit card or cash on the day.
(5) Guides tell the car rental company that the driver(s) is 2 Japanese guides or 1 Japanese, and reserves a car with the name of the guest under the conditions that the contractor and the payer become guests.
(6) Guides inform guests that the reservation is complete with the image attached.
(7) Have guests write contracts at the shop on the day and have them make settlement. As a driver, the main guide (and support guide) presents a driver's license and leases the name of guides written in parentheses next to the name of guests.
(8) When returning the car, guests will settle the gas fee and the toll by credit card or cash.

In this case, this is not illegal. When asking for the activity using a car, please do it in the above way.

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