How do I find a Support Guide in a community?


TOMODACHI GUIDE provides area-based commmunities that operate both online and offline. Our communities are the soul of our operation and an inseperable aspect of the entire experience. Existing to fulfill the role of support for all active members while providing a strong sense of belonging; communities constantly feed all members with key information online, while hold events to incite greater bonds between members and equip them with essential knowledge as a guide. Please ask one our community leaders for more information about communities.

One of the best way to connect with our communities is through the use of SNSes, such as Facebook and LINE. We have created dedicated group pages for each respective communities to accomodate numerous online activities. Our communities equip members with the best method of finding your perfect support guide(s). When you get a reservation and need a support guide, simply refer to our community group page and start recruiting! Remember to always add them as a "friend" first on our site.
How do I request a Support Guide?

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