How do I refuse a Support Guide?


There will be instances where a request for Support Guide has to be decline. This can be done during or after consultation with a Main Guide or after you decide to be the suport guide as you are invited to the message thread.

1. How to Decline During Consultation
When you are being requested as support guide by the main guide, a message thread between you and main guide will pop-up! After listening to the content of the tour and you are conviced that you will not be able to meet said schedule, inform the main guide immediately and state your reason. The main guide will no other choice but to find an alternative.

2. Cancel even though you have decided to join the travel as a support guide
The main guide can drop your partner from Support Guide now. If the support guide cannot afford to join on that day, please remove the support guide by the main guide and find a new support guide.
In case the support guide has unavoidable circumstances, the support guide may offer to cancel the pair guide. For example, there are unavoidable circumstances such as misfortune of the family and diseases. As soon as the main guide know the cancellation of the support guide, the main guide will immediately start looking for alternative support guide. It may be a sudden cancellation before the tour and may be difficult to find a support guide.
In that case, canceling the tour from the main guide side is also conceivable. If there is no special circumstance, there is a possibility that some kind of penalty will be attached to the guide side. Also, guests who are longing for a trip with you will be sorry.
Please do not cancel the support guide unless there are unavoidable circumstances.

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