What is the guide fee?


Generally, this is how we breakdown our guide fee policy.
For the first 3 hours, a Main Guide will receives 1000JPY/hour while a Support Guide will receive 500JPY/hour. After 3 hours, Main Guide will receive 1500JPY/hour. Additionally both main and support guides will receive 1500JPY as part of their commuting fee. That being said, the designated fee may change depending on the experiences or the itineraries.

Here is a basic rundown of a typical 3 hours course
Main guide fee 3,000 yen + transportation fee 1,500 yen
Support guide fee 1,500 yen + transportation fee 1,500 yen

Here is a basic rundown for typical 6 hours course
Main guide charge 7,500 yen + transportation costs 1,500 yen
Support guide fee 3,000 yen + transportation fee 1,500 yen

Since the main guide has contributed more of their time and effort interacting with guests, it is more than appropriate that the main guide receives higher compensation than the support guide.
Also, depending on the prior consultation between guests and guides, there are cases where a guide may ask for extra expenses such as commuting fees during the day. In this case, since a portion of the transportation expenses are already being covered in advance settlement, the guide will have to pay the transportation expenses by themselves. Since you can freely decide what to include and what to not include in advance settlement, please always converse this matter with your guest.

Please do not allow the difference in pay affect you and your guide's experience for the day. Always regard yourself as simply a guide and always be ready to give the best kind of trip to your guest. Work together cooperatively and you can change even an ordinary trip into a wonderful one.

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