How do I make withdrawals?


To receive a payout of guide fee and expenses to the registered bank account, withdrawal request from guides are required.
You can request a withdrawal at "Withdrawal" by going to "Guide information" on your page and simply click on the withdrawal request button. Please beware that you cannot withdraw less than 5,000 yen. Tomodachi Guide covers bank transfer fee.

[Reward Balance]
Reward balance is the sum you have not received from Tomodachi Guide yet out of sales, you have been paid while you guided or supported. Tour fee will be reflected on the next day of the tour.
Example) If you carry out the tour on April 1st, it reflects at 0:00 on April 2nd.

[Withdrawal request]
You can withdraw no less than 5,000 yen. When you request a withdrawal, the sum of your reward balance at that time will be transferred to your registered bank account. Sales after this will be stored anew.

It will be paid usually in a week after the request. When it completes, the date and the sum will be seen on the history.

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