What is the Travel Agency Act?


To run a travel agency, registration with the Japan Association of Travel Agents is required. A travel agency refers to a business activity which offers travel-related service while being compensated.
However, providing service in relation to transportation or accomodation is not regarded as a work of a travel agency. For further information, please refer to the article below.

1. Reward
- If you earn income on certain acts, it means you are being rewarded (Aquisition expense, Refunds, Remittance commission, Manipulating travel agency fee and these kinds of things).
- Inclusive charge is also regarded as reward as it is appropriated for the income of a company.

2. Certain acts
- The acts which you provide service in between the institutions and/or facilities of transportation, accomodation and others related to these kinds of servises to help customers to make and/or arrange traveling.

3. Business
- Continuous and repetitive activity, therefore an organization which offers some planning tours is regarded as a business.

[Examples of travel agency]
1. Providing services related to transportation or accommodations charged by customers.
(Example 1) You plan a one-day bus tour of trekking and set up a bus fare, a meal fee and any other expenses and offer it.
(Example 2) You plan a local inspection tour including lodging and set up a participation cost containing an accommodations fee, train fare, and any other expense and offer it.

[Examples of NOT travel agency]
1. Providing services related to neither transportation or accommodations
(Example 1) You plan a one-day botanical observation lecture without arranging transportation for it.
※Charging a meal fee, an admission fee or a participation cost is not regarded as the certain act.

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