Why do I have to tell the guide what I want to do?


When guests receive a draft plan, then find a favorite guide and plan, preliminary consultation will start within a dedicated message thread to work out the details. Basically, you can grasp what guests want to achieve from answered questions so start every conversation with a "hello" and a simple self-introduction. We have gathered unique personalities from all over Japan, so you will definitely find a guide that truly fits you best. Select a date and start talking. Tell them where you want to go, what you want to do, and the kind of activities that you want to experience. The idea here is to keep conversing, even If you have a rough idea of where to go.

Our guides are fully prepared to bring you an experience that will make your ideal journey come true. In a case where you as a guest does not feel right about any aspect of the experience, do not compromise. Immediately tell your guides if something feels off. Your enjoyment and delight is our greatest priority.

Tomodachi Guide is a service dedicated to provide both mainstream and uncommon experiences alike. However, our guides do not exist to compete with one another in creating the most unorthodox activity ever conceived; They exist to present an exceptional trip exclusively made for you! Tomodachi Guide's guides are not professionals. They are a bunch of people like you that simply want the guests to have a remarkable and an unforgettable experience. So, start talking with tons of guides now!

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