How do I plan the date for my trip?


Our guides' personalities are reflected greatly in their profile. For that reason, take into account that their way of communicating may differ between one another. That being said, this aspect is Tomodachi Guide utmost pride.

Here is a typical flow of a conversation that occurs between both guests and guides. We want you to always prioritize your own and guide's comfort, so do not feel obligated to follow this suggestion of ours. Simply, choose a method that fits you best.

[Adjust Your Schedule]
When guests receive a draft plan, then find a favorite guide and plan, preliminary consultation will start within a dedicated message thread to work out the details. It will go on based on questions that guests answered, but there probably is something to check again.
Start every conversation with a "hello" and a simple self-introduction. We have gathered unique personalities from all over Japan, so you will definitely find a guide that truly fits you best. Select a date and start talking. Tell them where you want to go, what you want to do, and the kind of activities that you want to experience. The idea here is to keep conversing, even If you got a rough idea of where to go.

Select a date that fits you best, but you need to remember that every guide has their own schedule too. So even if you have found your perfect guide but they are not available for the day, you have to respect their terms and cannot force them to partake in your journey. In case it happens, you will have to go back to the square one. That being said, missing such and encounter will be a waste of a good opportunity. Be flexible and maybe propose a different date. If you are lucky, your guides may be available.

Even if you and your guides' schedule do not match with one another, it is important to keep your network alive. Not only can you ask for different sorts of advice, you can even secure an anchor in Japan, that you can eventually meet on your next visit to the land of the rising sun.

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