What is the process of the day of the trip?


The flow of the trip on the day will be basically as follows. However, the flow of the trip on the day depends on guides and guests. This is completely changeable. That is why the following flow does not necessarily apply to your trip. This is just for reference.

1. Meet guests at the meeting place determined by a preliminary consultation
2. Introduce each other and tell the contents of today's trip from guides to guests
3. If there is no change, enjoy the trip
4. If there is a change during the trip, talk with guides and guests and change the itinerary
* Additional charges incurred at that time are directly exchanged between guides and guests on the day.
5. Enjoy the trip together and see guests to the final destination
6. Write reviews

This will be a series of flows on the day. As for the review, it is possible to write it within 2 weeks.

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