How do I protect my account?


Review the tips below to learn more about how you can help keep your account and information secure.

[Password strength]
Make sure your password is at least 8 characters long, and try to use a mix of letters, numbers, and special characters (ex: #, $, , !). The password you use for your TOMODACHI GUIDE account should be different than the passwords you use for other websites, like your email, bank account, or social media. That way, if one of your other accounts is compromised, your TOMODACHI GUIDE account will stay safe.
Update your password

[Online security]
A few general guidelines to help you stay safe online:
Always log in at Check any page's URL before you enter your login info—when in doubt, you can always type directly into your browser.
Turn browser security alerts on: Many newer browsers have built-in security protection that might be able to warn you if you're about to visit an unsecure website.
Install a pop-up blocker and antivirus software: Install a pop-up blocker or antivirus software from a trustworthy source. Remember to run scans for viruses and malware frequently, and keep your antivirus software up-to-date.
Check the sender: Don't click any links or download any attachments unless you know and trust the source.

[Off-site payments and messages]
TOMODACHI GUIDE will never ask you to pay elsewhere—and we ask that you keep all payment and communication on the TOMODACHI GUIDE platform. Don't share your email address before a booking is accepted or transfer funds outside the TOMODACHI GUIDE system, and always carefully examine emails claiming to be from TOMODACHI GUIDE.

If you encounter a suspicious profile, activity, or message thread, flag it for review. If someone emails you asking you to pay or accept payment off-site, let us know right away.

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