How do I ask guests about the area?


There is honestly no right answers to how to do a proper consultation with guests. Everybody is unique in their own special way. Tomodachi Guide is a very personalized service, so we warmly welcome different sorts personalities. In fact, we encourage each one of you to fully express your unique personas. We however, have a couple of tips to help you get started and simply establish a style that truly fits you best from there.
[Ask Their Destination]
Conversation on a message thread begins after you find a draft plan and choose the plan or its guide. Discussion goes dependingo on a guest's answer to questions regarding travels, but there may be something you need to make sure again.
Once you know their schedules, simply ask where are they going? If you are not familiar with their destination--or those areas are simply too far to reach, inform your guest and try to reccommend a more suitable guide to them. That being said, stopping there would be rather unfortunate. Try to suggests some other places that you are completely familiar with. However, simply telling them about those places is not enough. Imagine yourself as a salesperson and sell these places to them. If you do a proper job at it, chances are, your guests will comply to your suggestion(s). Of course, our message thread is not limited for trip consultation alone. You can talk about anything with your guest and get to know them better. Visiting Japan is not necessarily a "once in a life time" kinds of experience. Who knows, maybe you may be able to meet each other in the future. So, stay connected!

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