How do I decide the fees for the trip?


There is honestly no right answers to how to do a proper consultation with guests. Everybody is unique in their own special way. Tomodachi Guide is a very personalized service, so we warmly welcome different sorts personalities. In fact, we encourage each one of you to fully express your unique personas. We however, have a couple of tips to help you get started and simply establish a style that truly fits you best from there.

[Decide All Expenses]
Conversation on a message thread begins after you find a draft plan and choose the plan or its guide. Discussion goes dependingo on a guest's answer to questions regarding travels, but there may be something you need to make sure again.
Make sure that you lay out the cost of the trip during your consultation with the guest. You can freely decide those expenses; However, it must be decided with no discrepancy with guests. You are more likely to encounter troubles if you set up expenses without talk it out first with the guests. There are many things you need to make sure, such as the breakdown of the cost or what is included and what is not included during the day.

For example, suppose the activity for the day is a hiking tour in Kamakura. Where both you and the guest have decided to hike, go around some temples, have lunch and go to Enoshima at the end.
The cost incurred on this tour is as follow
1. Guest side
Travel expenses for the appointed day, entrance fees to the temples, a meal fee, a guide fee, an insurance fee
2. Guide side
Travel expenses for the appointed day, entrance fees to the temples, a meal fee
Note that guide's commuting fee has been partially covered in the guide fee. What guests pay is highly depended on what have been discussed prior. In this case, suppose that they have decided to order lunch individually. The cost to be paid by the guest is as follows.
1. Not included in expenses
Guides' meal fees
2. Included in expense
Guides' and guests' travel fees, guides' and guests' admission fees for temples, a guide fee, an insurance fee.
Next, you will decide what to include in preliminary payment. Again, it is up to the guides. For example, guests can pay transportation fares on the appointed day through preliminary settlement while guides pay for all the commuting fares during the appointed day. Alternatively, guests also can choose to not pay transportation fares ahead of time and pay for all fares during the appointed day instead.
The method recommended by Tomodachi Guide is to make preliminary settlement prior to your tripl. By doing so, can mitigate any money-related problem during the day and simply focus on the fun instead.

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