What is "number of people for the trip"?


"Offers" refers to a list of information about a trip--this includes, contents, fees, and other related-details--which will be sent by a guide to a guest. The content of an offer can be edited through "Tour Information", which is located on the top right side of the message thread. As the consultation progresses, guide can start filling up the required space within "Tour Information". As long as you do not send this information, your guest will not be able to make a payment. So, always remember to send an "offer" once everything is all set and done. Even after sending an "offer", guide will still be able to cancel said "offer" as long as it has not been paid by the guest.

Here are the items included in Tour information; Tour selection, the number of people, time selection in relation to the guide fee, expenses to be settled in advance, approximate cost of the day, date of tour(s), meeting place, memos of the meeting place, meeting time, about the guide.

[The Number of People]
To send an offer to a guest, you need to set the number of people participating in your tour. Here you can jot down the number of guests who will participate. In TOMODACHI GUIDE, guests must be insured with travel insurances. Depending on the number of people participating, the amount of travel insurances will varied. TOMODACHI GUIDE's travel insurance costs 300 JPY/person. For example, if there are five guests, 1,500 yen (300 yen × 5 people) will be added to the fee's total ammount. If a guest refuses to pay their travel insurance, we will not cover their expenses in an event of emergency. The number of people may seem trivial but, please make sure that you insert the right number.

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